The need for an effective cybersecurity strategy has become necessary as businesses continue to seek better ways to link their processes to cutting edge technologies. The dependence on the cyber infrastructure has resulted in the need for an effective cybersecurity strategy as a key to protecting business assets and core processes.

The ubiquity of technology has increased the threat surface which businesses and individuals have to contend with every day in recent times. While the risks to individuals are relatively high as it relates to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and financial loss, cyber-attacks can have critical impact on business operations vis-à-vis business outcomes. The consequences of an attack cannot be overemphasized, this is highly dependent on the business and this may include disruption to normal business operations, leakage of confidential data and privacy infringements.

Surprisingly, despite the increased sophistication in cyber threat landscape businesses fail to proactively update their security defence or acquire skilled personnel and resources. These are fundamentals if an attack is to be quickly identified, isolated, determine the level of investigation or response required and maintain business continuity. There is a need for organizations to understand all the potential entry points by cyber criminals and create a holistic cybersecurity strategy that leaves no door opens to hackers.

Strategy is the central organizing mechanism for any group or organization. Having a strategy dedicated to nothing but cybersecurity implies a level of commitment that may not have otherwise been present. Keeping the strategy current and making it specific gives it the power to influence the decisions at the management and board level.

Does your organization have a cybersecurity strategy? When was the last time you did a check on your cybersecurity strategy? Chances are, if you are not doing regular status checks and reviews, the fast-changing realities of the security world may have passed you by. Strategy sets a course for action; there is no difference when it comes to cybersecurity.

Hackers are getting more sophisticated by the day and better equipped than ever — the underlying risk is that you cannot afford to be right just once but you need to be right at all times. How else can you be sure your environment is protected all year round, unless you have a fully-staffed security operations center (SOC), where experts are on alert around the clock?

A reactive defense is a sure path to defeat, businesses need to become more proactive in their approach to staying ahead of the attacks. Organizations who implement effective and efficient operational strategies dependent on the cyber infrastructure must embrace a solid cybersecurity strategy in order to thrive and not just survive.