A bug that can crash an iPhone with a single iMessage has recently been discovered.

The bug called “text bomb” can crash or in some cases restart a device upon receiving a text message containing a link to malicious code. The bug could also slow Safari browser used to surf the internet on Macs and drain the battery level.

Security researcher and software developer, Abraham Masri found the bug, called “chaiOS,” and posted it on GitHub Tuesday afternoon. Abraham Masri, who shared this bug on his Twitter handle on Wednesday claimed to have reported it to Apple but it has not commented on the matter. Masri said that he found the vulnerability while “fuzzing with the operating system.” Fuzzing is basically a technique used in testing for vulnerabilities that involves loading too much data into a system in order to test for system crashes, failing built-in code assertions or potential memory leaks.

While the bug could be irritating if abused, it does not present a security risk to customers. After sharing this online, Mr Masri decided to delete the code after hundreds began retweeting it and discussing plans to spread it.

“I made my point. Apple need to take such bugs more seriously,” he wrote to his followers.

Blacksentry InsightsTM  has confirmed that the newly discovered bug does not represent a major security threat but just merely an annoyance to Apple consumers.

Blacksentry Recommendations:

  • Delete any message thread received (if you can) that has the bad link running the “chaiOS” bug.
  • In a case where the Messages app continues to crash and you are unable to delete the message thread, you can try to restore the phone IOS to factory settings. This will however cause you to lose your photos, saved data, and settings on your device.
  • Always keep your devices updated to the latest version of iOS, which includes security patches for bugs like this one.